Know Thyself: 20 Questions that will improve your Self-Awareness

Every entrepreneur, leader, or ‘switched-on’ human knows than in 2018 it’s all about self-awareness. The benefits of conscious living have been well-documented, and now more and more successful leaders are putting it into practice, both in the workplace and at home. It’s true what they say: practice does make perfect. But where does one begin?

We have curated twenty questions to use as a starting point on your journey to increased consciousness. This is a great exercise that can help you understand yourself a lot more. Try to answer each question honestly, and follow your gut instincts. Don’t be put off if some questions seem harder than others, that will often be the case at the start of your self-awareness journey. It may be a good idea to make note of the questions you have difficulty answering, coming back to them at a later date may be an effective method of gauging your progress.
So grab a cup of tea and a notebook, and sit down with yourself!

  1. What makes me happy?
  2. What makes me sad?
  3. What makes me angry?
  4. What am I good at?
  5. What am I bad at?
  6. What makes me tired?
  7. How much sleep do I need?
  8. What habits do I fall into?
  9. What stresses me out?
  10. What things do I value in life?
  11. What makes me a good friend?
  12. What do I contribute to my workplace?
  13. What are the qualities people like me for?
  14. What flaws should I work on and why?
  15. What is my most effective method of self-care?
  16. What are the most important principles of my life?
  17. Where do I see myself in 30 years?
  18. What am I scared of?
  19. What things about myself make me feel proud?
  20. What is my definition of happiness?

How did you find this questionnaire? Which questions did you find easy? Which ones did you struggle with? Share in the comments below and continue the discussion!