We, and our partner organisations,  can accompany you in exploring the signposts and insights towards creating greater Impact through individual wellbeing, people centric practices and quality collaboration.

For small businesses, foundations and NGO’s, we know that with an open-mind, open-heart and open-will, clarity and insights will arise, It is simpler than you may think, as the main focus is on getting in touch with who you really are.

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OUR SERVICES – Three steps to greater Impact

Inner Work / Reflection

We offer guidance for having more life balance and energy principally based on the Inside-Out understanding and the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) of Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaboration & Action.

Organisational Development

Founded on Regenerative Leadership Consciousness, at the intersection of self and system awareness, we provide advice and guidance for creating more human-centred organisations.

Collective Transformative Change

Inspired by, and in connection with, our partner The Collective Leadership Institute we offer advice on quality collaboration and enlivening processes to create greater Impact.



Chris Burton

Chris Burton

Chris has an MBA and over thirty years’ experience as a UK Chartered Accountant. He is now based in Geneva as a consultant for small businesses and NGOs. Chris is a Collective Leadership specialist and advocate for wellbeing in the workplace.

Debbie King-Burton

Debbie King-Burton

Debbie achieved her PhD in Social Science before scaling the ranks to Jersey’s Chief Probation Officer, also acting as Chief Strategy Officer for the island. She now runs the highly successful Conscious Café in Geneva and is available for consultations.

Jay Burton

Jay Burton

A keen urban and abstract photographer with a BSc in Environmental & Resource Management, Jay is the co-founder of OneStop – a creative digital agency. He is fascinated by multi-stakeholder collaboration, design thinking, hackathons, and holacracy.

Tess Burton

Tess Burton

Tess has worked in design, marketing and broadcast media ever since graduating with a BA in Performance. Now an award-winning Young Adult Fiction author, she offers her services as a contractor for Intandem as well as freelance.



By transforming ourselves, we transform those around us; by transforming our communities we transform our world.

From the Director of Intandem comes an enlightening new ebook introducing a new way of leadership. We are leaving behind the out-dated paradigms of authority and power ; future leaders are empowered to lead from the heart through empathy, compassion, and kindness.
It all starts with the courageous leader, the forward-thinking trail blazer with the self-awareness and appreciation to make a difference. This book can show you the principles of courageous leadership and help you start your journey towards greater social impact.

With the right personal mindset, a responsible and high-performing team, and collective action with all stakeholders involved, we can co-create a better world in tandem.

Chris Burton

Director, Intandem


Get in touch today to start your journey to courageous leadership.