We want a world that works 100% for humanity and the planet.

Everyone of us can contribute. Everyone can have the right mindset. The starting point is from within.

Individual Life Balance is living your whole life (work, family, social and sport) from the Inside-Out:

It is also taking action on well-being, health, happiness, energy, creativity, sustainability and impact.  It is having the courage to take continuous action to lead life with awareness, appreciation and kindness, helping to find your inner peace. Stopping the chatter of our minds through stillness, mindfulness or meditation and encouraging self appreciation, gratefulness, and forgiveness, whilst limiting worry, fear, and anxiousness.

It is also encouraging those around you to look after themselves and the environment, improving the well-being of your family, friends and work colleagues, and doing what you all can for the sustainability of the planet.

It takes courage and effort to follow the inside-out approach to life, and sounds rather demanding. It is, however, simply opening up to being more of our natural selves.

By transforming ourselves, we transform those around us, by transforming our communities we transform our world

Take  a few minutes for a self-perception questionnaire on your own life balance which can be found on www.intandem.ch/lifebalance to know whether you are ready to commence your personal and organisational journey.

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